TOKYO-1862, 8W | 10W | 12W | 15W

1862 LED323f
1862 LED233


  • Rotating separation of LED body and plane ring
  • Various optical accessories can be replaced IP20-65
  • High heat dissipation and conduction efficiency
  • UGR 12-14
  • Anti-glare
  • No-flicker
  • Original horizontal back shift angle adjustment method, higher light output efficiency and wider projection range (Adjustable only)


Applicable places: hotel, villa, club room space lighting, such as: room, passage, reading area, etc.

Application Space

8W for 3 meters space
10W/12W for 4 meters space
15W for 5 meters space

Specific Applications

all areas of the room; banquet hall; no main lamp design for the dining table; local lighting in niches and small spaces; task lighting; uniform lighting for display arrangement; use with the same series.


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