BALI-1651, 5W



  • This series are with miniaturised optic, providing high visual comfort, uses the physical principle of pinpoint lamps, generating CIRCULAR lightemission.
  • Visual comfort: cutoff angle up to 40degrees, advanced optic system enable the less glare, excellent glare control(UGR<19)
  • Aesthetic shape: compact rectangular designs never fail to impressing professionals, frames made of die-cast aluminum with high heat dissipation ability to ensure the stunning lifespan of LEDs, three different sizes for different applications.
  • Optics: Reflector & Len, four different beam angle options (narrow, flood, wide flood, sculpture flood)
  • Flexibility of Installation: Multiple sizes, two kinds of installation methods, trimmed and trimless, trimless version allows the lighting project to blend in perfectly with the surrounding architecture. With the ultra shallow depth of
    only 60mm, LC is suitable for the most difficult void situations such as
    air conditioning ducts, sprinkler pipes, beams.


LC linear spotlight, 2 high power LED chips, can help the space to increase the visual dynamic sense and personalization, and improve the quality of the whole space.

Specific applications

Showrooms, Galleries, Restaurants, Museum, Hotels, Bars, Shopping centers, Retailstores, Offices, Administration buildingS and Large architectures. etc.


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